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Why vinyl windows are a better option than other window materials!

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Vinyl windows offer a higher return on interest than other window materials.

Vinyl vs other window materials

Windows aren't a one size fits all product. Even so, vinyl windows are the best option for most house projects in Southern California. We often have clients wondering if it's better for them to replace their windows with fiberglass, wood, aluminum, or vinyl windows. The reality is that vinyl fits most projects not only because of the affordability, but long term they require less maintenance. Which let's be honest, most people pay very little attention to their windows. We go into newly purchased homes and often clients say that they can't believe their new house doesn't have new windows. This is because the first things anyone pays attention to is kitchen, bathrooms, and flooring. Lucky for them the most affordable option is also the best option, in our humble opinion. When looking to replace your old windows, vinyl windows offer a greater return on interest because of how affordable they are, but also because they're energy efficiency is more often greater than other materials. Aluminum isn't as energy efficient and it's more expensive, wood requires a lot of maintenance, and fiberglass which is the most comparable simply costs too much. Most of the professionals we work with choose vinyl for their own homes especially since they're aware that most likely they'll be selling that house within the next 20 years. Most people don't buy houses and plan to keep them anymore, and at that point you begin to think of anything you do that house as an investment. Simply put, vinyl windows are 1 of the best investments you can make. Your energy bill drops anywhere from 30-50% especially if you have professionals who will make sure to insulate properly and that's where we come in!

Is vinyl always the best option?

To answer this simply, no. Vinyl isn't always the best option. If you have huge fixed glass windows with a beach view, then most likely aluminum will be your best bet. The new generation of aluminum windows is superior to the old rusty ones, both in energy efficiency and structural integrity. Vinyl might not be able to handle the weight of the glass and that's where aluminum is your best option. If you have a house in a historical section of the city or are trying to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the original windows of the house, then your best bet will be wood or fiberglass. Because of situations like these, you should always choose to rely on a professional to help guide you to choose the best option.

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