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Safeguard Windows and Doors Installation Process

Home Projects can be a very difficult process, especially if you're unaware of what will be done to your home. We like to take the mystery out of it and help facilitate the process by showing you a step by step of the installation process. Each project is unique, but they all have a very similar process and these are the main steps taken to install and finish your windows with a complete look.


Removal of Glass Panels and Sealing

The first step is to remove the glass panels, while leaving the existing old window frame intact. Your new vinyl window will sit over the existing window frame, so it is imporant that the seal (caulking) is placed over the existing frame. If there is a border around your windows, our professionals will cut the retrofit so that it fits inside the border and directly over the existing frame.

Interior Finish

Since the old window frame is left intact, that will leave the inside with a gap. The size of this gap will depend on the thickness of your existing frame. This gap is filled with expanding foam and then an interior trim is placed around the gap. Finally to complete the look, we caulk around the flat vinyl trim and drywall, as well as cover the corners where the trim connects.

Exterior Sealing and Cleaning

Your window at this point will already be sealed behind the Retro flange, but for extra protection and to give it a more complete finish we also use tape around the border of the window and caulk. By using tape we can apply a thick bead of caulking and push it in so that we cover every hole, but maintain a clean caulking line all the way through. Although we will be cleaning the window and your home throughout the entire process, we will give your windows and doors one final cleaning. This is so that your new fenestration products are at their maximum appeal when we finish.

Install Process: Features
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