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Safeguard Windows and Doors Features

Unbeatable Quality

Doors: Features

Imperial Door Benefits

*Multi-chambered heavy duty extruded vinyl for structural strength and durability
*Fusion Welded corners for strength and stability
*Panels feature a multi-channel extrusion for increased energy performance and strength
*Steel and aluminum reinforcement for exceptional structural integrity
*Heavy Duty aluminum rail system for smooth operation
*Steel Galvanized adjustable rollers with steel housing for added durability
*Effortless Handl with dual point locking system for ease of use and tight seal against element infiltration


Low-E Insulated Glass Benefits

The U.S. Department of Energy Estimates that Inefficient Windows can Amount for up to 25% of a home's wintertime Heat Loss

*3/4" insulated glass 

*Double strength glass package (Standard)

*Duralte Spacers increase energy efficiency by eliminating aluminum spacers

*Low-E Coating helps reflect heat to maintain your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

*Helps protect your furniture against UV fading

*Reduce ambient noise

*Tempered Glass 


Door Specifications

*5 5/8" Retrofit Frame depth
*5 5/8" Nail-on frame depth
*2 1/2" Replacement Flange
*1" Nailing fin setback
*White and Almond Colors (Natural)
*Exterior Paint Match (Special Order)
*5/8" Flat Grid
*1" Sculpture Grid
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